Operational planning process of the resources in a public transport company.

It corresponds to the central module of the GIST system and allows addressing the process of operational planning of the resources of a public transport company. Based on the information provided by the Network module, it allows the definition of the offer of timetables to the public, and the allocation of the resources required for the operation.

The Operational planning can be created simultaneously for vehicles and crew members (in any order), using optimization algorithms for this purpose.

Main Functionalities:

1. Definition of the offer (trips)

Enables the use of advanced graphic mechanisms that guarantee the compliance with consistency rules;

2. Integrated Information Handling.

The data structure used by this module allows the identification of connections and dependencies between trips, preparation times, compliance with labor legislation applied to crew members, travel time;

3. Optimization Algorithms:

As a result of the extensive experience in this area, algorithms are provided whose function is to optimize the resources needed to fulfill the defined offer. The solutions provided can be manipulated in whole or in part, and features are available to prevent inadvertent non-compliance with the defined rules;

4. Dynamic Parameterization

The calculation and validation formulas of the service parameters are accessible to the users so that they can change them according to the specific rules of their company;

5. Version Management:

In addition to enabling the definition of supply for exceptional days (for example on fair days) without losing the more generic definitions, it allows in conjunction with Dynamic Parameterization the use of this software in identifying the consequences of introducing changes in the company’s rules without calling into question the validity of the operational planning that is in place.