Who we are

OPT was founded in 1992. It was one of the earliest spin-offs of the Faculty of Engineering of the U. Porto. The first project was a software development for operational management for public transport.

Since then, many R&D projects adapted to the needs of the Public transport sector have been launched like Innovative IT solutions and mobility studies that contributed to the increase of efficiency of its customers operations.

For almost three decades OPT has been dedicated exclusively to the mobility and transport sector, a factor that distinguishes us in the market, allowing us to act first upstream in the planning and often downstream in the implementation of solutions, enjoying a privileged cycle observation.

What we do

Operating in two major areas of software development, OPT was a pioneer in Portugal both in the development of R&D projects in the field of operational planning of public transport, developing advanced computer solutions for the management and optimization of transport systems, as well as in the automatic generation of public transport information.

More recently OPT created a mobility project office to develop advanced studies about transport planning and sustainable mobility planning following the most recent guidelines of the European Union mobility policy, so that citizens have access to services that provide them a better quality of life, adapting the planning to the new environmental and urban design concepts.

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Our office

The head office near Avenida dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra consists of a large open space with plenty of natural light, with a modern and attractive decoration, able to promote teamwork and cooperation between colleagues, in a pleasurable and cozy environment.

Our team


The objectives of OPT, in terms of business and product quality, are geared towards strong growth with the aim of maintaining a national leadership position and diversifying into new markets. Through continuous investment in innovation, OPT has gained recognition for its quality work in research and technological development. This recognition has led to its acceptance as a Microsoft Partner, as well as obtaining certification for ISO 9001 and NP4457 IDI standards in December 2010. Furthermore, due to its affiliation with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto, OPT has been acknowledged as a university spin-off company.


OPT has established a Quality and Innovation Policy that underscores the commitment of its Technical Management and Administration to implementing the requirements of the Quality Management System and Research, Development, and Innovation derived from the NP EN ISO 9001 and NP 4457 standards. View Certificates

The scope of the Quality and Innovation Management System encompasses all company activities related to the research, design, development, and marketing of IT solutions (products and services) associated with public transport planning, as well as consulting services focused on improving the competitiveness of its clients, such as demand assessments, logistical and process organization, process reengineering, customer satisfaction, and business impact.

OPT’s operations are characterized by a culture of continuous improvement, involving employees, suppliers, customers, and partners as integral parts of the organization. It also follows a formalized innovation policy aimed at keeping its core solution up-to-date and competitive. This involves regular incorporation of new features to better meet the needs of its business clients. The company periodically evaluates emerging technological platforms but imposes certain restrictions on significant changes at this level to ensure the reliability and stability of installed solutions and not to disrupt the pace of developing new features for its core product.

Innovation, research and development

The quality of the work developed by OPT crosses all its solutions in line with current competitive market, in continuous evolution, also promoting innovation and national technological research.

OPT works closely with universities like the Faculty of Engineering of Porto through its two Institutes: INEGI and INESCTEC, but also with Aveiro University. Those links ensured the participation in a continuous updating process through new trends in mobility and transport. In conjunction with teachers, researchers and students have been carried several R&D projects. Several Bachelor, Master and PhD thesis in the mobility and transports area were developed in OPT, opening the possibility to receive students from these Institutions as collaborators.




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