Technical assistance and mobility studies

The role of the municipalities is essential ensuring the population quality of life and mobility. It is an important factor in the settlement of citizens, as it allows access to essential services, employment, education, health, and leisure. Mobility is a social right. Public transport is therefore an essential service that must be urgently adapted to different population needs. The realization of studies and advice in the field of mobility and transport meets the legal framework (defined in Law No. 52/2015 and DL 60/2016) and allows empowering public entities with relevant information about the mobility needs of citizens and the identification of critical points in the territory and respective mitigation measures.

OPT develops a diverse and targeted advice to the needs of each client, examples of which are:

  • Monitoring contracts performance between municipalities and public transport operators;
  • Monitoring the implementation of municipality mobility police, according to the new legislation and instruments of territorial management;
  • Elaboration of implementation plans of the new public transport solutions in the municipalities, with the definition of schedules, typology and number of vehicles that will perform the services, estimated revenues, among others;
  • Follow-up the actions foreseen in the scope of PMUS;
  • Design of regular and flexible Public Transportation networks;
  • Development of traffic and road management studies, with microsimulation, modeling and traffic simulation;
  • Demand modeling;
  • Identification and collaboration in the preparation of the technical component of applications for community funding in the area of mobility and transport;
  • Elaboration of Business Mobility Plans;
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys in public transportation;