Screen with waiting times

In places where there is a greater supply of transport (Bus Terminals, Hospitals or Citizen’s Shops), it is important not only to provide information about this supply, but also the way it is conveyed, in order to have a direct impact on the mobility decisions of its users. This need is even more keenly felt when the place concentrates different transport modalities as urban and interurban.

The use of large display devices as a means of dissemination presents several advantages and opportunities, providing a highly quality service for public information. It allows capturing the attention of potential passengers more quickly and simultaneously providing more up-to-date information in a dynamic and appealing way. It also allows the possibility of presenting data based on the network’s actual daily occurrences (real time), reflecting delays and trip suppression on the routes.

The InfoBoard allows the visualization of this information from a Waiting Times Chart, which focuses on real time schedules.