Integrated Platform for Mobility Information Systems

The IMS platform consists of a set of databases and services dedicated to the storage and dissemination of information to the public, being designed to centralize diverse information to provide a set of applications related to the dissemination of information on public passenger transport.

Its scalability allows for the existence of several independent services that provide multiple solutions, including the dissemination of information on transport networks and timetables, multimodal route calculation, dissemination of relevant messages to users, fares and positioning of vehicles in real time.

The centralization of data enables the supply of coherent information to all the applications that rely on this platform to operate, ensuring the standardization of the information disclosed to the public and allowing the updating of that data to be reflected synchronously in all the applications.

IMS integrates data from the National Access Point for multimodal travel information services.  According to the European directives on this subject, it should be used the CEN data exchange standard NeTEx